Friday, January 8, 2010


Few weeks ago me and my friends were talking about Balbacua, no.. change that, we were not just talking about it, we were craving for it. The problem is, no one knows exactly where to find one. So that craving was set aside, left somewhere just waiting to be revived/dig/remembred, you get the point. But just 2 days ago, my other friend who I haven't seen for the longest time told me to visit this restaurant somewhere in Lahug (and that's good because the place is just near in our place, I'm from L.A. HUG too you know). He wanted me to try their Balbacua. When i heard the word "Balbacua" I felt like I just hit the lotto jackpot! I didn't waste much of my time and went to the said place right after my work. So that's what I got. The best Balbacua I've ever tasted! I'll be going very soon to try out their Pochero and other dishes ;)

Balbacua - is a favorite wayside eatery dish that originated in Cebu but is widely accepted in Visayas and Mindanao. The broth is thick, rich, sticky and peppery plus the meat is tender it will almost melt in your mouth.

Diner: NL CAFE

Location: Wilson St/lapu-Lapu St., Apas, Lahug, Cebu City (Before Camp Lapu-lapu entrance)

Balbacua Price: 120 pesos/order (good for 2 -3 persons)

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